Update your Profile in Concur

Updating Your Profile

To update your profile, select Profile on the right side of your Concur home page. Select Profile settings from just below your name.  Under Profile Options select Personal Information from the menu.

  1. Review the name and address information as it is listed on the site, make certain that the name listed matches your photo ID or passport exactly. Click the Save button below any section of the form in which you have made changes.
  2. Enter your Princeton phone number as your Work Phone.
  3. Register the cell phone you will have with you as your mobile device:
    • Click the Add a new device » link in the Contact Information area.
    • Enter a name for the device, such as Joe’s international phone, or Jane’s travel phone.
    • Select the type of device from the Device Type drop-down list.
    • Enter the phone number:
      • If your phone number is not a U.S. number, select the country first.
      • Enter the number, including the area code, without spaces or dashes.
      • If this is your primary cell phone, check the Primary Mobile Phone checkbox.
      • Check the Use for Safety and Business Text Message Alerts checkbox. Note: This must be checked for at least one mobile device.
    • Click OK to save the mobile device. You will be prompted to download the Concur for Mobile app on your mobile device. You can do that immediately, or wait until later to download it.

Tip! You will receive a text message on your phone. Reply OPT-IN to confirm that this is the phone on which you will receive Locate and Alert broadcasts while you are traveling.

  • Click Save to save your Phone information.
  1. Provide at least one email address where you can be reached while traveling:

Tip! To delete an email address that was entered incorrectly or is no longer valid, click the red X at the end of the line you want to remove.

  • Click the link to add a new line for your email address.
  • Enter the email address, and review it to make sure it is spelled correctly.
  • Click Yes under Contact for Travel Notifications, then click OK.
  • Click the Verify link to send a verification email to that address. A message is displayed, indicating that the message has been sent, with instructions on how to proceed. Click OK.
  • Find the verification code in your email, copy it and paste it into the Enter Code field. Then click OK. A Verification Status window is displayed to let you know if the email address has been correctly verified. Click OK to close the window.