Undergraduate Travel Policies

University-Sponsored Travel

All undergraduate students embarking on University-sponsored overnight travel must complete a travel request in Concur.  A trip is considered sponsored by the University if any of the statements below are applicable:

  • The trip is organized on behalf of a registered University organization, including, but not limited to: student organizations, religious groups, sport clubs, varsity athletic teams, civic engagement organizations, residential colleges, academic or administrative departments;
  • A University account contributes funds, or money is held and disbursed through a University account;
  • The trip is organized by a University faculty or staff member; or
  • The work will be considered for academic credit.

An overview of the steps required for University-sponsored overnight travel can be found at the undergraduate travel checklist.

Mandatory Undergraduate Travel Review Process

  • Princeton undergraduate students planning to travel to locations abroad with an International SOS risk rating of High or Extreme must participate in a travel review process overseen by the Travel Oversight Group (TOG) and obtain safety guidance prior to departure. Students should complete and submit an application for additional review by the Travel Oversight Group (TOG) in the Global Programs System (GPS). As part of this application, student will submit an Addendum to the Travel Terms and Conditions signed by them and a parent/guardian. Any questions about the travel request process should be directed to tog@princeton.edu.
  • The University reserves the right to revoke support and funding for trips at any time there has been a significant deterioration in the safety and security conditions surrounding travel arrangements or in the sector of the country or countries where travel is to occur.

Service Break Trips

Princeton does not financially support non-departmental service break trips because of its concerns about responsible and effective service, risk management and fiscal responsibility. As a result, the University will not provide funding or sponsorship for students to participate in them.