Student Vehicle Use and Car Rentals

Policies Regarding Undergraduate Students:

  • Undergraduate students may not rent vehicles or drive University-owned vehicles while on University-sponsored domestic trips without current University Driver Certification
  • Undergraduate students may not rent or drive cars or motorbikes in foreign countries (exception: Canada).
  • Undergraduates may not be driven by graduate students internationally.
  • Undergraduate students may rent vehicles local and are only permitted to rent vehicles through Enterprise.

Students renting vehicles locally using University funds must comply with the following requirements and are only permitted to rent vehicles through Enterprise.

  • Become an approved University driver: Enterprise has agreed to rent vehicles and to include primary insurance coverage to University-approved student drivers between the ages of 18 and 25 who are renting a vehicle for official University business. Only approved student drivers are authorized to rent vehicles with University funds.
  • Reserve in advance: Reservations for approved student drivers must be made in advance using the University's corporate number. Students will need to purchase Supplemental Liability Protection Coverage at the time of rental.
  • Obtain van certification (if needed): Enterprise has agreed to rent mini-vans to approved student drivers who are at least 18 years of age and on official University business. Student drivers must have successfully completed the online test and must be van-certified through the University’s Department of Public Safety. Students must also present authorization from a University administrator at the time of the rental.

Become an approved student driver:

If you are a student and would like to become an authorized driver, you must start by submitting your information through our Driver Certification Portal.

Once your information is submitted and approved by Risk Management, you are able to move onto the next step, which is an online test. This can be accessed by signing into your user account at the main sign-in page. After passing the online test with a score of 70 or above, you may book your behind the wheel test by logging back into your account and utilizing the booking tab. Behind the wheel tests are only applicable to those individuals looking to drive cars, vans and/or trucks. Golf cart certifications only require the first two steps – form submission and the online test.

For more details on student drivers and fleet safety, visit Risk Management.

Access Fleet Safety Policy.