Register Group Travel

The University regards the trip leader as the primary contact for the group throughout the program/project. Trip leaders are responsible for entering a group travel "Event" request in Concur. Trip leaders should have:

  • Knowledge of and access to essential contact information for all group travelers.
  • Knowledge of how to handle health and safety issues, including recognition and response to emergency and safety situations; documentation of significant incidents; and familiarity with International SOS services. Pre-departure orientation sessions on these topics are offered by the Office of International Programs.
  • Understanding of University policies and procedures, including transportation, terms and conditions and Rights, Rules, Responsibilities.

Successful trip planning includes entering an "Event" request in Concur before the trip that subsequently generates an individual travel request for each group member. The group leader ensures that each trip participant submits the associated individual travel request, enters their Emergency Contact information and confirms that they have certified University-Sponsored International Travel Terms and Conditions and required steps. (For additional details, please refer to the student checklist.)

Group Travel

If you are traveling with a group from Princeton, the group leader or administrator must create the travel request for the group, adding all of the travelers as "Attendees" (including him- or herself, if traveling with the group). When the group leader or administrator completes the request, each of the travelers will receive an email informing them that a travel request has been created for them.

Entering a Group Travel Request

The group leader or administrator enters the group travel request:

  1. Sign into Concur via
  2. Select Request from top menu.
  3. Create New > New Event Request, and follow the steps listed under Entering a New Travel Request with the following differences:
  4. On the Request Header, enter the name of the group leader. This field will not auto-complete; you must enter the full name.

Note: When entering an event request, you should not include emergency contact information or check the “I certified Terms & Conditions & completed required steps” box. This information should be filled out by the individual travelers when they receive the travel request for completion and submission.

  1. On the Segments page, you must enter all relevant travel segments for the group. Individual travelers will have the ability to update their unique travel request with any additional or modified segment details. By the time of submission, the transportation segment(s) should match the date range on the Travel Request Header. And, if the trip involves an overnight stay, the lodging segment(s) should also match the header date range. It is understood that the information is tentative, but try to make the dates and locations as accurate as possible.
  2. Save the Segment data and return to the Request Header tab.
  3. If you’d like to add a PDF brochure or image file about the trip, you can add an attachment:
    1. Click the arrow on the Attachments button, and select Attach Documents.
    2. On the Document Upload and Attach window, click the Browse button and locate your PDF or image file. (Notice that a list of allowed file types appears above the blue bar.)
    3. Click the Upload button.
    4. Click the Close button.
  4. Under Attendees at the bottom of the page, begin entering the last name of the first traveler in the field on the right end of the banner. When the list of names appears, select the name of the traveler. The name will be added to the list.

Repeat step 8 for each traveler, making sure to add yourself if you are traveling with the group.

  1. Click the Generate & Notify button. A travel request will be created for all travelers in the group (with a distinct but related Request ID), and emails will be sent to notify them to review, update, and submit their individual travel requests.

Note: If you are traveling with the group, both the group request and your individual travel request will appear in your Request List. The group request will have a Request Type of Event, and the individual request will have a Request Type of Travel.

As the group leader, you must watch the attendee list to make sure all the attendees have submitted their travel requests. You must also remember to submit your own individual travel request (displayed in your Request List with the Request Type of Travel).

Tip! To add additional travelers after generating the original notifications to travelers, simply open the event, add the new travelers, and click Generate & Notify again.

Confirming and Completing Your Participation in Group Travel

Each traveler will then have to:

  1. Sign into Concur via
  2. Click Request from top menu.
  3. Locate the travel request on the active request list.
  4. Enter emergency contact information on the request header.
  5. If the traveler has different travel arrangements (for example, if the trip is in the summer and the individual is leaving from home), he or she must update the segments page. Click the Modify button to open the fields for update.

Note: If a traveler is leaving on a date earlier than the group travel date, he or she will need to change the date range on the travel header first. Then on the Segment page, click the Modify button for the appropriate segment, and change the date (and if necessary, the departure city). A brief comment can be entered to explain the different arrangements.

  1. Review terms & conditions and check box.
  2. Save and submit the request.