Student Travel Medicine

All students traveling internationally are required to determine if an appointment is needed with Travel Health, a part of University Health Services. Travel Medicine can provide:

  • Travel health advice
  • Required immunizations for a fee
  • Prescriptions
  • Appropriate medical record information

It is the responsibility of the student traveler to:

  • Get the appropriate immunizations
  • Get the appropriate prescribed medicines
  • Practice good hygiene while abroad

International Health Coverage and International SOS

International SOS provides emergency and support services for Princeton’s international travelers. Before you go, it’s a good idea to register with ISOS and to carry your card while traveling. You may print an ISOS card here.

The University provides international health coverage to all students with a current passport or student visa who are temporarily traveling or residing outside of their home country of regular residence, as part of a University activity, program, research, or other sponsored travel. In the event that you are asked to provide evidence of this coverage (e.g. as a Visa application requirement), please contact Missy McGinn, Associate Director, Risk Management ( or Sarah Kiely, Insurance Coordinator (

Coverage is provided by Starr in conjunction with International SOS. There is NO enrollment required and there is NO separate ID card. Simply utilize your International SOS Membership card.