International Travel Preparation Materials

The University requires undergraduates to complete materials in preparation for any University-sponsored international travel once per academic year. The Global Programs System (GPS) provides five training modules related to international travel, including information about health, safety, cultural adaptation, and identity resources. If you already have a program application in the Global Programs System (GPS), you will access these materials in your existing application once you have been accepted to the program. If you do not have an application in GPS, you can complete the modules by clicking here.

There are five topics covered by the travel preparation modules with accompanying assessments:

  1. Getting Ready to Go
    • Whether you are going abroad for the first time or already consider yourself a seasoned traveler, we want to make sure that you are well prepared for the experience. This module is designed to prepare you for your upcoming experience abroad and includes information on passports, visas, packing, finding the best airfares, and general travel advice.

  2. Your Health Abroad
    • Planning for your health means taking important steps prior to your departure and when you arrive in country to ensure that your physical and mental health needs will be met while you are abroad.

  3. Staying Safe Abroad
    • You’ll soon be navigating a new city and environment, moving into new housing, meeting new people, and learning a new transportation system. You may feel vulnerable at times, but you can take steps to reducing your vulnerability.

  4. Exploring Culture
    • Culture is a complex concept that has been defined in many ways. This module introduces you to ideas about adapting to a new cultural environment.

  5. Identity Resources
    • Traveling abroad may present opportunities to think about your identities in a new cultural context. In this module you will find some identity resources that may help improve your experience abroad.

If you have questions or need assistance with accessing or completing the travel preparation modules in GPS, please send an email to [email protected].