Undergraduate Domestic Travel Checklist

Before You Go

  1. Review Terms and Conditions for University-Sponsored Domestic Travel

    When you submit a travel request in Concur, you will be asked to certify that you understand and agree to the Terms and Conditions for University-Sponsored Domestic Travel. Please read this document carefully.

  2. Complete a Medical Profile

    Please complete the Princeton University Health Services Medical Profile Form. Whether you are a part of a group or an individual traveler you must complete the Princeton University Health Services Medical Profile and Consent for Care (PDF) form.

  3. Submit a Travel Request in "Enroll My Trip"

    Under the current pandemic permissible travel guidelines, members of the Princeton University community are required to enroll the details of certain types of allowable travel with the Global Safety & Security (GS&S) unit.

    To meet these requirements, travelers must use the 'Enroll My Trip' tool.

  4. Create a Communication Plan for Regular Updates to Advisers, Parents and Friends

    A communication plan adds another layer of safety and security.  If a traveler's contact experiences a disruption in a pre-arranged communication plan, Princeton can be alerted for help and advice.

  5. Forward All Travel Itineraries to enrollmytrip@princeton.edu

    Your forwarded itinerary must be an official confirmation email from a booking vendor [i.e., airline, hotel, Expedia, etc.]. Before sending your itinerary, you must validate your email address and mobile phone provided in your Concur profile. Alternatively, you may share your itinerary using a TripIt account.

During Your Trip

  1. Update Your Concur Profile Update your Concur profile with any changes to your mobile phone number or the number where you can be reached via text messaging while traveling. If you are unable to update your Concur profile, you may email any changes to finance@princeton.edu (please include your expected return date).
  2. Follow Through on Your Communication Plan

    Follow through on your communication plan: Contact your trip adviser, family and friends as agreed.