Student Travel

Permitted Travel Policy

Before planning a trip or booking travel, please utilize these guidelines and other materials for ensuring travel is University sanctioned.

Travel Enrollment

All members of the Princeton University community are required to enroll the details of domestic and international University-sanctioned travel with the Global Safety & Security (GS&S) office. To meet this requirement, travelers must use the 'Enroll My Trip' tool.

Utilizing the 'Enroll My Trip' tool ensures that travel conforms to University requirements. It also provides travelers with access to safety and destination information prior to departure and ensures the support of University resources in the event of a health, safety, or security incident while traveling. The University may be limited in its ability to support travel that is not enrolled.

Download the 'Enroll My Trip' Quick Start Guide.

The 'Enroll My Trip' process is managed by the Global Safety & Security Unit. Questions regarding 'Enroll My Trip' should be directed to the Office of Global Safety & Security at [email protected]