As the travel industry begins to rebound, airlines are prioritizing the safety and well-being of all passengers. The airlines all have their own policies for sanitization, plane occupancy limits, mask regulations, and distancing requirements.  If you are traveling soon, it is best to check the COVID-19 page of the individual air carrier for important travel information and current regulations, as well as any operational restrictions, as the airlines frequently update this information. 

If you must fly at this time, consider flying DELTA.  Here's why:

Delta is one of the few airlines that has committed to making more space for safer travel
by blocking middle seats and capping seating in every cabin. This policy will remain in
effect through Sept. 30, 2020.  For more details on what Delta is doing to keep travelers
safe, click here.

Below are links to safety and  COVID-19 information pages for the major US flag carriers:

United Airlines

American Airlines

Delta Air Lines

Alaska Airlines 

Frontier Airlines

Jet Blue

Southwest Airlines