Travel During COVID-19

Permissible Travel Guidelines

University-sponsored international and domestic travel remains suspended for the spring semester, with a very limited set of exceptions. The revised social contract also directly sets other, stricter limits on travel by those who are subject to its terms, including a general prohibition on any travel – including personal travel –  beyond Mercer County and/or Plainsboro Township, except under a small number of circumstances. For those not subject to the social contract but who will still be studying or working on campus, personal travel for any non-essential reason remains discouraged.
You can find the full set of currently applicable travel guidelines for the Princeton University community on the International Princeton Travel Toolkit page. The Global Safety & Security unit, reachable via email at, is happy to answer questions related to the permissible travel guidelines.

Under the current pandemic permissible travel guidelines, members of the Princeton University community are required to enroll the details of certain types of allowable travel with the Global Safety & Security (GS&S) unit.

The following travel must be enrolled:

  • All Princeton University affiliates: All permissible and properly approved international and domestic University-sponsored travel.
  • Undergraduates: For those subject to the social contract, all approved personal travel outside of Mercer County or Plainsboro Township.
  • Graduate Students: For those studying on campus, regardless of residence, all non-routine, overnight personal travel outside of New Jersey (or the state in which they are residing while studying on campus).
  • Faculty and Staff who are approved to work on campus are encouraged - but not required - to register non-routine, overnight personal travel outside their state of residence. 

To meet these requirements, travelers must use the 'Enroll My Trip' tool.




Did You Know? 

The Univeristy has disposable masks, individual bottles of alcohol hand gel, and gloves. Travelers can make a request to EHS and make arrangements for delivery or to pick-up from EHS office. There is no charge to the traveler.