Travel During COVID-19

As the travel industry embarks on a gradual reopening – one that is aligned with the loosening of government restrictions -- we anticipate a layered approach to a return to normalcy with timing based on geography. Airlines, hotels, ground transportation, and other travel service providers will have increased protocols with a strong focus on health and reducing the spread of infection. 

While all segments of the travel industry will adopt new practices and procedures in response to the reestablishment of both domestic and world travel, we will see varying policies and find that many travel suppliers are revising them in real time. It is our goal to provide the most updated information on the reestablishment of travel and best practices designed to reduce risk and maximize the safety of travelers.   

Did You Know? 

The Univeristy has disposable masks, individual bottles of alcohol hand gel, and gloves. Travelers can make a request to EHS and make arrangements for delivery or to pick-up from EHS office. There is no charge to the traveler.