Travel Booking Process

Travel Booking Process for Domestic and International Travel

  1. Review the Global Safety & Security Travel Policy to determine if your trip meets the guidelines for permissible travel and follow any applicable review and approval requirements.
  2. Secure any approval to take the trip required in the travel policy, and work with the appropriate manager to ensure that funds are available.
  3. Enroll travel details in the “Enroll My Trip” tool. Visit the Princeton International site for details on the travel enrollment process and FAQs.
  4. Prior to booking travel, check the credit limit on your T&E card and submit a request for credit limit increase if necessary to cover all travel expenses. Travelers should ensure their credit limit covers all costs charged prior to travel and provides them with sufficient available credit for anticipated expenses over the duration of their trip.
  5. Book travel through Concur tool or by contacting World Travel Inc.


Additional Considerations for International Travel.