Updates to Available Expense Types

Monday, September 24, 2018 - 10:30am

As part of larger efforts to improve the expense reporting process, we are pleased to announce the following updates to our list of available expense types.

  1. Single expense type for ground transportation: to simplify the options available to users for their ground transportation expenses, the following expense types have been subsumed under a single new expense type titled “Ground Transportation – Limo, Taxi, Other”. Expense reports that are already in progress using these expense types will not be disrupted.
    • Car Service/Limo
    • Coach Bus/Van Rental
    • Other Ground Transportation
    • Taxi
  2. Single expense type for parking and tolls: the Parking expense type and the Tolls expense type have been combined under a single new expense type, “Parking/Tolls”.
  3. Single expense type for books and periodicals: previously, two expense types were available for book purchases, distinguishing between electronic and printed materials. These expense types have been combined under a single new expense type: Books & Periodicals.
  4. New expense type for museum/exhibition/performance tickets: a new expense type has been created to address a common purchase: “Admission Tickets/Entry Fees – Educational”. This expense type is intended for tickets to museums, performances or other exhibitions purchased as part of a course or other educational experience and applies primarily to groups of students. Note that entertainment expenses, e.g. team-building outings for University employees, should be processed using the Group Meals/Entertainment expense type.
  5. New expense type for gifts to departing employees: a new expense type has been created to accommodate gift purchases for retirements or otherwise departing employees: “Departing Employee/Retirement Gifts”. The Business Expense Policy provides guidelines for the appropriate cost of these gifts based on the departing employee’s length of service. “Years of Service” is a required field on this expense type. As a reminder, gift cards and gift certificates are not permissible as gifts on any occasion.
  6. Cleanup of unused expense types: to ensure our list of expense types does not contain redundant or underused items, the following expense types have been removed. These expense types were each used, on average, less than 10 times in FY18:
    • Baggage Porterage
    • Decor Services/Supplies (recommended alternative: Specialty Supplies)
    • Event Manager Services
    • Groups and Events (recommended alternative: Non-University Space (Meeting/Event Room Expense))
    • Travel/Event Insurance
    • Plastics
    • Graphic Acquisitions
    • Other Acquisitions
    • Table Settings
    • Heating Oil
    • Natural Gas
    • Water (recommended alternative: Beverages)

Information about the account codes assigned to these expense types is available in the updated expense type listing on the travel website: https://travel.princeton.edu/expense-type-listing.