New University Credit Card Features - September 2017

Wednesday, September 6, 2017 - 7:00am

We are pleased to announce the following updates and features available to University credit cardholders.

Custom PINs

If you received a new or replacement University credit card after April 2017, you may now customize the PIN associated with your University card. Call (888) 233-8855 and be prepared to provide your 16-digit card number, verification ID (your PUID number), and the phone number associated with your card. You may use your own (609)-258-### University phone number, or use (609) 258-3080. Students or those without a University extension must use (609) 258-3080.

If you would like to customize your PIN but are unable to do so because you received your card prior to April 2017, please contact the Financial Service Center at 258-3080 or

Mobile alerts for fraudulent activity

Real-time text message or email alerts are now available when your University credit card declines, when fraudulent activity is suspected, or when you are approaching your monthly credit limit.

All cardholders are encouraged to enable Suspicious Activity alerts: When the bank suspects there may be fraud on your University credit card, you will receive a text message containing information about the transaction. If you recognize the transaction, simply reply "VALID" to immediately lift the fraud hold on your card and attempt your transaction again. If you do not recognize the transaction, reply "FRAUD" to ensure no further transactions occur and then contact the Financial Service Center at 258-3080 or

View simple instructions for setting up mobile alerts on your University credit card

Travel alerts no longer necessary

It is no longer necessary to inform the Financial Service Center or Bank of America about your plans to use your University Travel and Expense Card overseas. Bank of America's fraud strategies will take into account the fact that your card is intended for use during travel and will not use the fact that a transaction occurs in an overseas location as the sole basis for a fraud hold.

Note that different fraud detection strategies apply to Departmental Purchasing Cards--if you are traveling internationally, please request a Travel and Expense Card.


If you have questions about the information above or anything related to your University credit card, please contact the Financial Service Center at (609) 258-3080 or