New in Concur: August 2015 Updates

Sunday, August 16, 2015 - 8:15pm

Approvers may modify fields on expense reports pending their approval 

We are excited to announce this enhancement to your Concur experience: a product of feedback from our campus colleagues which streamlines the expense management process by reducing the need to send reports back to employees for minor edits.

Fields now modifiable by approvers include:

  • Expense type
  • Business purpose
  • Trip ID
  • Vendor name
  • City
  • Domestic vs. international
  • Receipt images
  • Report header information
  • Allocations

Some tasks continue to require action by the user and/or expense delegates:

  • Changes to dollar amounts or transaction currency
  • Adding or deleting entire expense lines
  • Detaching receipts

Modification to expense type for shipping charges

The Shipping & Postage expense type has been updated to more accurately reflect our general ledger accounting structure. The expense type is now labeled Shipping & Freight and maps to account code 6312 - LS-Shipping Svcs, Freight.

Additional enhancements for August

  • Required fields: after careful review, the requirements on some expense line fields have been adjusted. Most notably, the requirement to include a vendor name on the Individual Meals expense type has been removed. This update allows users to quickly enter multiple Individual Meal lines via the Quick Expenses tool, without returning to each line to add a vendor name. Learn more about Quick Expenses.
  • The domestic vs. international designation now appears on Princeton Detailed Reports. For expenses where no distinction between domestic and international account codes exists (e.g. office supplies, subscriptions), the field appears blank. To view Princeton Detailed Reports, open an expense report in Concur and select a report from the Print/Email menu.
  • To ensure travelers can easily access a wide range of flight options, the default search window for airfare has been updated to 12pm, ±6 hours (previously: 9am, ±3 hours).

Comments or Questions?

Contact the Financial Service Center at (609) 258-3080 or