American Revamps Elite-Tier Loyalty Requirements

Oct. 27, 2021

American Airlines is simplifying the requirements for reaching elite tiers in its AAdvantage loyalty program, now having a single set of points needed for each tier.

Starting next year, status with American will be based solely on "Loyalty Points," each the equivalent of one AAdvantage mile, which travelers earn by flying with American and its partners or from purchases made with an AAdvantage credit card. Members reach Gold status at 30,000 points, Platinum at 75,000 points, Platinum Pro at 125,000 points and Executive Platinum at 200,000 points.

American Airlines chief commercial officer Alison Taylor in a statement said the new system "provides a clear path to earning status for our members."

Currently, status at American requires a combination of "elite-qualifying" miles, segments and dollars spent to reach status levels. With the simplified system, members who typically reached status based on flights generally will have a steeper climb to reach status, while those with AAdvantage credit cards will have a new pathway to status.

The program's elite choice rewards program next year will become Loyalty Choice Rewards, a special rewards menu only for members at the Platinum Pro level and above, including Admirals Club day passes, bonus miles and systemwide upgrades. Travelers also must fly at least 30 flights on American or its partners to access those rewards.

American also announced that it is extending status for current elite members through March 31, 2022. Points earned in January and February will count doubly toward status for 2022 and for 2023. From that point and in future years, elite status will be based on activity from March through February, with elite status lasting through March 31 of the subsequent year.