Group Travel Health

University Health Services provides a wide range of Travel Health services and can offer assistance with many aspects of group travel.

For group travel planners/trip leaders, a few action items are required:

  • For all group travel, trip leaders must submit a Group Trip Request for Travel Health with a roster of all students traveling with their group including their first name, last name, netID and PUID. Group leaders should submit this form to UHS as soon as possible to allow time for consultations and immunizations if required.
  • Once the form is submitted to UHS, students who are traveling as part of a group will receive travel health guidance via email. Please advise students to be on the lookout for this information and to take the time to read it carefully. In the majority of cases, student group travelers do not need individual in person travel health appointments as travel health advice via email is sufficient. However, UHS is available for in-person travel health appointments if students have medical concerns they would like addressed. Appointments can be scheduled online through MyUHS portal or by contacting UHS via emailing [email protected] or calling 609-258-3141.
  • The travel health email students receive will provide them with information regarding travel immunizations, prescriptions, and other health concerns, along with important travel resources. If needed, students should schedule immunization appointments through MyUHS portal or by contacting UHS via emailing [email protected] or calling 609-258-3141. Students are advised to make this a priority as appointments fill up and travel immunizations are usually effective 10 days after administered. Thus, students need to complete all needed immunizations 10 days prior to their departure.
  • For each non-European destination travel group, UHS provides a 30- to 45-minute group travel health and safety presentation to complement their travel health guidance email. Group travel planners should reach out to [email protected] as soon as group travel planning begins to schedule this presentation. Completing the Group Trip Request for Travel Health Form will inform UHS of your travel.