Graduate International Travel Checklist

Before You Go

  1. Review the Permissible Travel Guidelines

    Review the Permissible Travel Guidelines to ensure your travel is University-sanctioned.  

  2. Review Terms and Conditions for University-Sponsored International Travel

    When you submit a travel request in Concur, you will be asked to certify that you understand and agree to the Terms and Conditions for University-Sponsored International Travel

  3. Register Your Travel in "Enroll My Trip"

    All members of the Princeton University community are required to enroll the details of domestic and international University-sanctioned travel with the Global Safety & Security (GS&S) office. To meet these requirements, travelers must use the 'Enroll My Trip' tool.

  4. Book with World Travel or Forward All Travel Itineraries

    Book your trip with World Travel, the University's travel agency, or forward your entire itinerary by email to well in advance of my departure date. Your forwarded itinerary must include official confirmation emails from all outside booking vendors [i.e.

  5. Review Passport & Visa Requirements

    Make certain that your passport is current and valid six months from the date of your return. You may consult Visa Central for information about visa requirements.

  6. Obtain Travel Health Advice from University Health Services

    Obtain travel health and safety advice from a travel health provider at UHS (by email or appointment) or by another off-campus travel health provider.For a list of travel health services at UHS please visit UHS Travel Health

  7. Complete a Medical Profile

    Please complete the Princeton University Health Services Medical Profile Form. Whether you are a part of a group or an individual traveler you must complete the Princeton University Health Services Medical Profile and Consent for Care form.

  8. Register Travel with the DOS Smart Traveler Program (STEP)

    International travelers are required to register their international travel with the U.S. Department of State Smart Traveler Enrollment Program (STEP). STEP provides notices and alerts from the U.S. Government to U.S. Citizens while they are traveling or living in a foreign country.

  9. Obtain an International SOS Card

    Familiarize yourself with the emergency support services and medical insurance provided to students by the University through 

During Your Trip

  1. Update Your Concur Profile Update your Concur profile with any changes to your mobile phone number or the number where you can be reached via text messaging while traveling. If you are unable to update your Concur profile, you may email any changes to (please include your expected return date).
  2. Carry Your Medical Profile With You at All Times

    It is good practice to be certain that you have your medical profile (PDF) with you at all times while you are away.