Manage Guest Travel & Expenses

Departments are encouraged to pay directly for their guests' travel expenses to minimize the out-of-pocket expense to the guest and to obtain the University's negotiated rates for their travel. This can be done by utilizing the Guest Travel Authorization Form.

Booking guest travel

Travel arrangements for guests can be made through one of three methods:

  1. Travel for guests may be booked online using Concur. Contact the Financial Service Center to request access to Concur’s guest-booking feature.

  2. University employees may call a Princeton agent at World Travel and make arrangements on behalf of a guest.

  3. You may authorize your guest to make their own travel arrangements directly with one of our World Travel agents. Complete the Guest Travel Authorization Form to authorize payment on your University credit card. Once you complete the relevant information, click "Submit Form" and it will be emailed to World Travel. (Note: Please do this two business days in advance of your guest's phone call.)

Direct billing at local hotels

We have rolled out a new procedure to ensure a seamless billing process at five of our Preferred Partner Hotels.
This process will allow your credit card to be directly billed for your guests at these Princeton-area properties.
Learn more.

Reimbursing a guest

Princeton guests may incur out-of-pocket travel expenses that need to be reimbursed. These expenses must comply with University policy, including the Travel Policy, Reimbursement Policy, and Business Expense Policy. When guests pay for their travel expenses directly, they may need to be added to our supplier/payee database and then reimbursed using the Non-PO Payment Request process.

  1. If your guest is not already set-up as a supplier, request a new supplier via the Prime Marketplace.

  2. Use the Guest Reimbursement Request form to document their expenses and collect receipts for their expenses of $50 or over.

  3. The Guest Reimbursement Request form must be signed by the guest.

  4. Create a Non-PO Payment Request in Prime Financials and attach the completed Guest Reimbursement Request form and any necessary receipts.