Technology Guidelines

 Princeton’s Technology Guidelines

International travelers should limit the amount of sensitive information that is stored on or accessible to any mobile device taken on the trip, and travelers should avoid contact with the Princeton network in general, specifically when traveling to high risk countries (see U.S. State Department's Alerts and Warnings).

Traveling internationally can pose significant risks to information stored on or accessible through computers, tablets and smartphones.  Some of the risk is associated with increased opportunities for the loss or theft of the device and just merely the distraction of traveling. Additionally, our devices are put at risk because they will use networks that may be managed by entities that monitor and capture network traffic for competitive or malicious purposes.

If you plan to travel internationally with a laptop, mobile device, phone, or other computer equipment, please refer to Princeton’s Technology Guidelines for information about keeping your information safe. Instead of using your University-issued equipment, OIT has loaner tablets, laptops, and phones available for use and can help you get set up for your trip. Please plan to coordinate with OIT at least 24-48 hours prior to your trip departure.