Trip ID

Trip ID is an optional field in Concur which users can populate if there is a business need to track the cost of a specific trip across multiple expense reports. However, Trip ID is a free-text field and will not remember or suggest the values you have entered on previous expense reports. For this reason, unless your department has a clear and central need to use this field, its use is not encouraged or recommended.

Before you devise a convention or procedures around the use of Trip ID in your department, consider the following:

  • How often has your department needed to analyze expenses by trip?

  • Do existing ChartFields (e.g. Program) allow you to obtain the data you might have used Trip ID to capture?

For those departments who do have a need for the Trip ID field, the FIN042 – Expense Report Transaction Listing includes a prompt for Trip ID.

Note: the business purpose field must contain information about the circumstances of your expense activity and demonstrate that each expense was necessary and reasonable. Trip ID should not be used to capture the justification for incurring an expense.

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