Complimentary Preferred Seating on American Airlines

The University's American Airlines agreement provides complimentary preferred economy seating upgrades to AAdvantage members who have purchased their ticket through Concur or the University's travel agency, World Travel, Inc. Your AAdvantage Frequent Flyer number must be in your Concur profile to access preferred seating at no charge via

Selecting Your Preferred Seat

  1. Ensure your AAdvantage Frequent Flyer number is stored in your Concur profile. (You may need to enroll in AAdvantage if you are not already a member.)
    • Log in to Concur. Navigate to your Profile (upper right-hand corner) > Profile Settings > Frequent-Traveler Programs (left side under Travel Settings) > [+]Add a Program.
  2. Book your American Airlines flight through Concur or with a World Travel agent. If using Concur, do not select a preferred seat during the booking process.
  3. Wait for your flight to be ticketed. Typically your reservation will be ticketed within minutes; in limited cases it may take a few hours. Open your itinerary and find the record locator for your American Airlines flight (usually 6 capital letters).


  4. Visit
  5. Enter your last name and your 6-letter record locator and click Choose your seat.

Questions? Contact the Financial Service Center at or (609) 258-3080.