Book University Travel on

Our United Airlines contract discounts are available on to travelers who have their MileagePlus number stored in their Concur profile and who have enrolled in My Travel Network via Concur. Note that you will always receive these rates when booking in Concur or with a World Travel agent.


When you connect your Concur profile to your United MileagePlus account, you will receive:

  • the university's negotiated, discounted rates while booking on,
  • e-receipts in your Concur profile for your purchased airfare, eliminating the need to upload a separate receipt to your expense report,
  • support from the University's travel care program, which ensures anyone on University-sponsored travel is accounted for and receives up-to-the-minute alerts about safety concerns arising in their location, and
  • access to your itinerary from Concur, the Concur mobile app, and TripIt Pro.

Two Steps to Connect Your University Concur Profile to United

1. Ensure your United MileagePlus number is saved in your Concur profile.

  • Log in to Concur.
  • Profile (upper right-hand corner) > Profile Settings > Frequent-Traveler Programs (left side under Travel Settings) > [+]Add a Program

2. Ensure you are enrolled in My Travel Network.

  • Directly underneath your Frequent-Traveler Programs, click "I Agree" under the My Travel Network heading:


Booking University Travel on

After completing the setup process above, log in to your MileagePlus account on as you normally do. Included in the options on United's flight search will be a checkbox labeled "Business travel". (You may uncheck this box to book personal travel.) Ensure the "Business travel" box is checked and complete your flight search as usual. Princeton's discounted rates will be reflected automatically in your search results.

When you are ready to purchase your flight, United's payment page will be prepopulated with your University credit card information. If you have a personal credit card saved in your Concur profile, that card will also be available for selection on this screen. You must have at least one form of payment saved in Concur.

Once booked, an e-receipt for your transaction will appear in the Expense tab of your Concur profile and your itinerary will be accessible via Concur, the Concur mobile app, and TripIt Pro. Additionally, your travel plans will be available for support from the University should a safety concern arise in the area where you are traveling.