Assign an Approval Delegate

You may choose to allow another user to access your approval queue in Concur--this ensures that someone can perform approvals on your behalf in the event that you are away from the office or unable to access Concur for any reason.

  1. From the Profile tab, click on Expense Delegates in the left hand menu.
  2. Enter the name of the user you would like to add as an approval delegate.
  3. Check off the "Can Approve" box to allow this individual to approve reports on your behalf indefinitely.
  4. To allow this individual to approve reports on your behalf for a specific period of time, check off "Can Approve Temporary" and enter a date range.
  5. Check off "Receives Approval Emails" if you would like this user to receive email notifications when a report is submitted to you for approval.

​Note that your approval delegate will need to administer for you from the top of the My Concur page in order to access your approval queue. Reports will not route directly to your delegate; they will continue to be sent into your worklist, which your delegate can access in your absence.