Group Travel

Established in November 2016, the group travel program supports over 130 groups per year.

Our program goal is to support faculty and staff by reducing administrative burden, providing superior service, and delivering an enriching experience for travelers that complements the University’s experiential learning programs. We offer trip planning and logistical support, travel program design, budget development, supplier sourcing and negotiations, contract review, and booking and prepayment services.

The group travel program supports groups traveling from the University (e.g. course travel, internships, and global seminars) as well as groups traveling to the University for conferences and events.

Group travel may include arrangements for air, ground transportation, lodging, activities, events, meals, tours, interaction with experts, cultural immersion experiences, conferences, meetings, and fly-ins. University group travel must be conducted in full compliance with the University Travel Policy.

Looking for the group travel request  form?  Simply call Stephanie Shores, our group travel specialist at World Travel, at (888) 530-4087 or email the details of your request to