Group Travel


The group travel program supports groups traveling from the University (e.g. course travel, internships, and global seminars) as well as groups traveling to the University for conferences and events.

Group travel support includes arrangements for air, ground transportation, lodging, activities, events, meals, tours, interaction with experts, cultural immersion experiences, conferences, meetings, and fly-ins. University group travel must be conducted in full compliance with the University Travel Policy.

For consultative services such as pre-planning guidance, program design, logistics planning, budget development, supplier sourcing and negotiations, and best practice recommendations contact Susan Godfrey at Princeton University. 

Stephanie Shores, group travel agent with World Travel, manages all groups and coordinates bookings and payments for air, car, hotel, and ground transportation reservations. She also coordinates arrival/departure reports, rooming lists, group detail report, and oversees air ticketing and ticket changes. World Travel agents provide 24/7 agency support for all groups booked through the travel program.