Travel & Expense Roles

You can assign other individuals to assist you with travel booking and expense reporting.

  • Travel Arrangers can access your Concur profile and book travel on your behalf. Travel booked by your arranger is charged to your University credit card. Assign travel arrangers from your Profile Settings page in Concur.
  • Expense Delegates can create expense reports for you and upload and manage your receipts. Expense delegates can notify you when your expense report is ready for you to review and submit to your approver. Add expense delegates from your Profile Settings page in Concur.
  • Guest Bookers can book travel for non-Princeton guests online in Concur. Email [email protected] to request that the guest booking permission be added to your Concur profile.

Did You Know?

Are you an expense delegate for another user? Email their receipts to [email protected] with their email address as the subject line of your message.