Emergencies Abroad

Access 24/7 Emergency Assistance Abroad

Worldwide Medical and Security Support

When your travel doesn't go as planned, it's important to remember that Princeton provides 24/7 emergency support to students, faculty, and staff traveling internationally.  International SOS is available to support travelers 24/7 in the event of medical or security emergency abroad.  They also provide worldwide medical referrals, country-specific risk assessment, lost passport assistance, and other services.  

In An Emergency CALL INTERNATIONAL SOS AT +1-215-942-8478 

  • As an alternative, travelers may call Princeton Department of Public Safety 24/7, 365 at +1-609-258-3333. 

  • International SOS will notify and engage Princeton for additional support, when necessary.  

  • In the event of a serious incident, International SOS and Princeton will attempt to reach travelers using the contact information provided in Concur.  Please keep your phone line open and check email, if possible.   

  • Once the immediate situation has been addressed, be sure to get in touch with your sponsoring department or program to get connected with additional Princeton resources or support.

It is highly recommended that Princeton travelers download the International SOS app, as well as print and carry an International SOS card at all times during travel. For more information, please visit International SOS


If appropriate and feasible, travelers may also choose to contact the local 911 equivalent in an emergency.  See the US State Department 911 Abroad resource for a country listing of local 911 equivalent numbers.


For assistance with a Princeton international travel booking, please contact a World Travel consultant at (888) 530-4087 or email princeton@worldtravelinc.com. For assistance with non-emergency health, safety, or security concerns, please contact Kara Amoratis (amoratis@princeton.edu).