Submit a Travel Request in Concur

Submit a Travel Request in Concur

Graduate students will use Concur to submit international travel requests or trip registration details.

Important! Before submitting a travel request, you should complete all of the required steps and forms listed at You will be required to certify that you have done this before you can submit your travel request.

In addition to entering the travel information in Concur, you must also update your profile to include a mobile phone number and email address where you can be reached while traveling. You will then need to respond to a verification request from your phone and email account.

Accessing Concur

To log into Concur,

  1. Go to
  2. Enter your Princeton netID and password, and click Login.
  3. When Concur opens, you will see a list of any travel requests you have already submitted.

Entering a New Travel Request

You can open the travel request page by clicking the Requests from the menu across the top of the page. Next, click Create a Request > New Request. The request opens on the Request Header tab. You will need to complete all fields with a red bar at the beginning of the field on the Request Header tab, and add all travel segments on the Segments tab.

On the Request Header:

Project Title

If you have requested funding through SAFE, enter the same title here as you did for the project in SAFE.

Request Policy

Defaults to Student Travel.

Travel Start and End Dates

Use the calendar to select the dates when you expect your trip to start and end.

Do your plans include international travel?

Select yes or no.

Emergency Contact Name

Enter the name of the person to contact in case of an emergency while you are traveling.

Emergency Contact Relationship

Select the appropriate relationship.

Emergency Contact Phone Number

Enter the phone number where your emergency contact can be reliably reached. Be sure to include the area code and country code if outside of the United States.

Emergency Contact Email

Enter the email address where your emergency contact can be reached. Make sure this is an email address s/he checks frequently, and verify the address to be sure it is correct.

Travel Type

Select the type of travel. The travel type selected will determine which program options are available, and where the travel request will go for approval.


Select the program for which you are traveling. The programs listed will depend on the travel type selected.

Trip Advisor

This field is required for undergraduates. This is the faculty or staff member who has information about your trip. Begin entering the last name of your adviser, and then select the adviser from the displayed list.

Trip Leader

Enter a trip leader only if you are traveling as part of a group event.

Important! Click the checkbox at the bottom of the page to certify that you have read the Terms & Conditions and have completed all of the required steps.

On the Segments tab:

4. You can complete segments for travel by air, train, ship, rental car or taxi, as well as segments for lodging. You must enter all relevant segments - the transportation details should match the date range on the Travel Request Header. If the trip involves an overnight stay, the lodging segment(s) should also match the header date range.

Note: It is understood that you may not have complete details at the time you complete your travel request. Enter the information to the best of your knowledge at this time. If you are not sure of the dates of your trip, enter the earliest possible date for your departure, and the latest possible date for your return.

Click the airplane icon to enter details of your flight:

Round Trip is selected by default. If your trip has multiple destinations, you may select One Way for each segment of the trip. If you select One Way, the Return section won’t be displayed.



Enter the name of the city from which you are departing, then select the airport from the displayed list.


Enter the name of the city to which you are traveling, then select the airport from the displayed list.


Use the calendar icon to select the date of your departure. If you are not sure of the dates of your trip, enter the earliest possible date of your departure.

You may also enter the time of your departure, but it is not required.


Use the calendar icon to select the date of your return. If you are not sure of the dates of your trip, enter the latest possible date of your return.

If you’d like to provide any additional information or clarification about either your departure or return, enter it in the appropriate Comment field.

Click Save to save the segment. When you have entered all the segments for the trip, click the Submit Request button at the top of the page. A Final Review window is displayed. Read it carefully, and click Accept & Submit.

Updating Your Profile

To update your profile, select Profile > Profile Settings from the menu across the top of the page.

  1. Review the name and address information as it is listed on the site, click Personal Information.  Make certain that the name listed matches your photo ID or passport exactly. Click the Save button below any section of the form in which you have made changes.
  2. Enter your Princeton phone number as your Work Phone.
  3. Register the cell phone you will have with you as your mobile device:
    1. Click the Add a new device » link in the Contact Information area.
    2. Enter a name for the device, such as Joe’s international phone, or Jane’s travel phone.
    3. Select the type of device from the Device Type drop-down list.
    4. Enter the phone number:
      1. If your phone number is not a U.S. number, select the country first.
      2. Enter the number, including the area code, without spaces or dashes.
      3. If this is your primary cell phone, check the Primary Mobile Phone checkbox.
      4. Check the Use for Safety and Business Text Message Alerts checkbox. Note: This must be checked for at least one mobile device.
    5. Click OK to save the mobile device. You will be prompted to download the Concur for Mobile app on your mobile device. You can do that immediately, or wait until later to download it.

Tip! You will receive a text message on your phone. Reply OPT-IN to confirm that this is the phone on which you will receive Locate and Alert broadcasts while you are traveling.

  1. Click Save to save your Phone information.
  1. Provide at least one email address where you can be reached while traveling:
    1. Click the link to add a new line for your email address.
    2. Enter the email address, and review it to make sure it is spelled correctly.
    3. Click Yes under Contact for Travel Notifications, then click OK.
    4. Click the Verify link to send a verification email to that address. A message is displayed, indicating that the message has been sent, with instructions on how to proceed. Click OK.
    5. Find the verification code in your email, copy it and paste it into the Enter Code field. Then click OK. A Verification Status window is displayed to let you know if the email address has been correctly verified. Click OK to close the window.

Tip! To delete an email address that was entered incorrectly or is no longer valid, click the red X at the end of the line you want to remove.

  1. Since your emergency contact information is entered on your travel request, it is not necessary to enter it here.

Checking the Approval Status of Your Request

You’ll see the approval status of your request by reviewing the list of requests displayed on your home page. If you want to see more detailed information, click the request name in the list, and then open the Approval Flow tab or the Audit Trail tab.

Note: If there is a problem with the approval flow of your request, a message will appear at the top of the Request Header tab, with a red exclamation point icon.

Forwarding your Confirmed Itinerary

After submitting your travel request, you are required to forward all official confirmation e-mails from booking vendors [i.e., airline, hotel, Expedia, etc.] to Before sending your itinerary, you must validate the email address and mobile phone you provided in your Concur profile. (Please see the section on Updating Your Profile.) Alternatively, you may share your itinerary using a Tripit account.

Deleting, Cancelling, or Recalling a Travel Request

Removing a travel request from your list depends upon the request status.

  • If your travel request has not yet been submitted, you can open the request and click the Delete Request button. Click Yes to confirm that you want to delete the request. The request should then be removed from your Active Requests list.
  • If your travel request has been submitted and is pending approval, open the request and click the Cancel Request button. When prompted to confirm, click OK. The request will be removed from your Active Requests list. If you wish to modify your request, click the Recall button. You will be able to change and resubmit your request.
  • If you need to change plans after the travel request has been submitted and approved, open the request and click the Cancel Request button (for requests that have not started). When prompted to confirm, click OK and add a comment explaining your reason for cancelling the request. The request will be removed from your Active Requests list. For requests that are after the start date, you have the option of selecting the Close/Inactivate Request button to cancel the request.