Concur's New User Interface

We are excited to announce Concur’s new and improved user interface, launching on January 5, 2015.

This page is designed to offer a brief preview of changes to the My Concur page, expense management, and travel booking. A more detailed guide is also available.

My Concur

While most of your travel booking and expense reporting activities will feel familiar, efforts to modernize elements of these pages will make these processes simpler and more intuitive. In particular, the revamped “My Concur” page will display the items that require your attention in a clear and accessible format.

Travel Booking


In addition to enhancing the look and feel of travel booking pages, Concur has made other key improvements, including:

  • Flight Search and Filters have moved from the right side of the search results page to the left side of the page for easier navigation.
  • Guest Booking: selecting the "Book for a Guest" option is now simpler and more visible.
  • New Travel Review pages allow travelers and travel arrangers to review and edit booking information, like traveler contact information and seat selections.


Expense Management

The Expense tab brings you to the redesigned Expense page. 

This page shows your active reports, available expenses, and receipts.

  • Tiles: Your active reports are shown as tiles. Name, amount, status, and comments appear on each tile. Click on a tile to open the report.
  • All reports: To the right of the tiles is the All reports link. Click this link to see all reports – active, paid, etc.
  • New: To create a new report, click Create New Report.
  • Available Expenses: Available expenses appear below your active reports and can be added to a new or existing report.
  • Available Receipts: Available receipts appear at the bottom of the page.


Keep checking back for updates to training materials and how-tos.