Consider Purchasing International Health Insurance

International Health Insurance
When undergraduate or graduate students or faculty travel outside of the United States, either for study or research, students are encouraged, and under certain circumstances, required to purchase international health insurance to cover medical expenses should routine or emergency medical treatment be necessary.

The State of New Jersey requires that the University ensure all students have health insurance. Most US plans provide coverage for medical services received outside the US, however, US health insurance is typically not accepted outside the US. In many places around the world, hospitals and physicians require payment in cash or by credit card at the time care is provided. While students are able to seek reimbursement from their insurance carrier when they return to the US, they need to pay for services out of pocket while they are abroad.

In order to limit out of pocket expenses in the event that medical services are needed, it is recommended that students purchase international health insurance that will be accepted by overseas hospitals and physicians.

In order to assist students in the purchase of international health insurance, we have entered into a contract with HTH Worldwide, a leading provider of International Health Insurance. Students are encouraged to include this expense when putting together a travel budget. Students needing assistance should contact the company directly or Princeton’s  Department of Risk Management at 8-3349.

To register:

  • Call  1 (888) 243-2358 or go to:
  • Enter the "Group Access Code" ITS-30369 in the box on the right side of the home page
  • You will be walked through the enrollment sceens
  • A credit card will be needed for payment

Note: Students should never cancel their US health insurance coverage when purchasing a separate international policy. International health policies do not cover care that may be required in the US and do not satisfy NJ Health Insurance Requirements.